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Hello, my name is Ella Zibitsker. I came to America in 1980 with my husband, Boris, and our daughter, Julia, who was just a little girl. We came from Minsk, Belarus, which was a part of the former Soviet Union. We were young and full of hopes and dreams. I can honestly say that these past 40 years are the most exciting years of my life. I discovered many beautiful places in this incredible country, cultivated life-long friendships with wonderful people, built a few businesses, developed new interests, and became a social and political activist. Julia is now a very successful businesswoman with a family of her own - a wonderful husband and two amazing sons, our grandkids, Jackson and Curtis. I love them very much. My family always takes priority in my life. And, yes, our dreams have been realized. America is our true homeland, and Chicago is our hometown.


Over 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer, given about 6-12 months to live. I immediately started practicing Macrobiotics, and within 9 months, I completely recovered. Of course, it wasn't easy - I had to change my lifestyle, among many other things. And I learned a lot about the Oriental system of health. But I also learned a valuable life lesson - Health is the most important thing in our lives, and this is the inspiration for the Macrobiotic section of this site.


Family takes priority in my life. Of course, we care for and help each other. Yet, our lives consist of many special moments that we remember, cherish, and, most importantly, celebrate with family and friends. These moments became my inspiration for the Celebrating Life section of this site.


Politics and government affect nearly every aspect of our life. America created great political and social structures that attracted so many of us, immigrants. For centuries, it was and still is a land of incredible opportunities and a beacon of hope for the whole world. However, during the past four years, Donald Trump and his administration tried to change this country's future by turning away from many of its great achievements and ideals. Many communities across America that once supported each of us as unique individuals are polarized and turning against immigrants and other minorities. I must speak out and defend the democratic values and ideals this country is built on. And this is an inspiration for the Let's Discuss It section of this site. The videos are in Russian, some with English subtitles.

Please, browse through this site and let me know what you think. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. You can always reach me via the Contact page, Facebook, or Twitter.


Chicago, 2021

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