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Macrobiotics is a holiday that is daily with you! This is the art of extending human life. Whatever reasons make you turn to Macrobiotics as a doctrine of nutrition and a harmonious lifestyle, its cheerfulness and deep common sense will not leave you indifferent. After all, we are a part of nature, and all our troubles begin with improper nutrition, which weakens and destroys the body, while Macrobiotic nutrition supports and strengthens it. Macrobiotics is synonymous with longevity, as it is based on a multi-energy approach to nutrition as the main element of life.


People come to MB in different ways: someone out of curiosity, someone was attracted by brightness and exoticism, others, feeling daily fatigue, monotony, lack of harmony with the world around them, wanted to stop and understand what was wrong with them, an incurable disease led others...



MACRO Talks is a series of videos designed to enhance your knowledge and practice of Macrobiotics. These videos will guide and support you as you plan out and create your own path to a happier and healthier life.

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Thousands of people, including myself, got rid of the terminal and horrible illnesses thanks to Macrobiotics. In this book, I share my recovery from cancer. Macrobiotics is not a diet, it's a system of health that encompasses many aspects of our lives, such as food, daily activities, the nature around us, and common sense. I hope Macrobiotics will open a world of health and happiness for you, as it did for me.



Macrobiotics is gaining popularity around the world. What was once known as "the brown rice diet" is making a comeback as a lifestyle for health and happiness. Check the News regularly to find out about new discoveries, events, and stories that will expand your knowledge of Macrobiotics.


My dear friend Natasha Valodin and I founded the Macrobiotic Center of Chicago to spread the Macrobiotic practices. At the Center, Natasha teaches Yoga and cooking. She also makes the most delicious Macrobiotic meals to go. The Center operates a small store selling high-quality products, which are not available at local supermarkets. Feel free to contact us if you need help or have any questions.

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